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Great Salt Water

The Chesapeake Bay Suite

  The Algonquian word 'Chesapeake' is generally thought as best translated 'Great Salt Water'. The music samples below are taken from a suite of music consisting of five different movements, each rendering an aural depiction of a particular time in the history of the Chesapeake Bay. From the creation of the Bay, to the cataclysmic arrival of an interstellar bolide that would that would shape the geography of the Bay into how we know it today, to the arrival of Europeans and beyond, the music takes the listener on a musical journey through time. 

    The group features acoustic steel and nylon string guitars, violin, mandolin, and double bass. In addition to the compositions, each piece showcases the improvisational skills of the individual members of the ensemble.

Epoch Bollide
The Arrival (The Ballad of the Tall Ships)
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